"The Social Life" School Program

"The Social Life" training aims to equip the next generation with the skills to utilise technology responsibly and effectively. Our goal is to empower young people to navigate the digital world with confidence, understanding how to protect their privacy, discern reliable information, and combat cyberbullying. By mastering these skills, they will be prepared to succeed in both their personal and professional lives, using technology as a powerful tool for learning and connection while maintaining a healthy balance and prioritising their mental well-being.

Social Media Footprint

Understand how your online actions on social media shape others' perceptions of you. Realise that what you post and share can have long-lasting effects, even if you delete it. Learn how to create a positive social media presence that reflects your personality and values while being responsible. See real-life examples of how online behaviour can impact your life.

Secure Your Space

Take control of your privacy on social media. Learn about privacy settings and why they're important for keeping your information safe. Understand the risks of sharing too much personal information online. Discover the importance of strong passwords and keeping your account details private. Learn how to recognise and report suspicious behaviour to stay safe online.

Sharpen Critical Thinking

Navigate the digital world with confidence. Learn to question what you see on social media and determine if it's reliable. Discover common tactics used to spread false information online. Find out how to fact-check information from multiple sources before believing it. Join discussions online with a curious and skeptical mind.

Combat Cyber Bullying

Stand up to online bullying on social media. Learn about the different ways cyberbullying happens and how it can affect you. Understand why empathy and being a good digital citizen are important on social media. Find out what to do if you're being bullied online, from blocking the bully to talking to someone you trust. Be part of a social media community that supports each other.

Balance Social Media Life

Find the right balance between your online and offline worlds. Learn about the negative effects of spending too much time on social media. Discover ways to manage your social media use and set healthy boundaries. Reflect on your social media habits and what makes you feel good or bad. Learn how to take care of yourself, whether it's by practicing mindfulness or taking breaks from social media.

App Privacy

Many apps collect extensive personal data, including your location, contacts, and browsing habits, often without your full awareness. This data can be used for targeted advertising, sold to third parties, or even exploited by malicious actors. We'll teach you how to review app permissions, understand privacy policies, and use privacy settings to control what data is shared.

A Closer Look at

App Privacy

When you download an app like Instagram onto your iPhone, it's important to understand that the app will collect various types of information from your device. This can include your contact information, browsing history, location, sensitive data, financial information, health and fitness data, purchase history, and more. The Social Life program will train students how to evaluate apps and understand what data they collect. Additionally, we will demonstrate how to protect private data and ensure as much privacy and security as possible while using apps.

This screenshot below is from the Apple App store, you can check this on your own Apple phone (Android works too). If you click on the "see details" on the right, you will get the full list of data that can be taken off the phone by Instagram and used for various purposes. This is a big problem and highly invasive! We go into more details about this and much more in "The Social Life" program.

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