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Device security and privacy are crucial aspects of modern life, especially in the face of increasing cyber threats and mass data collection. By understanding how our devices function, you can make informed decisions to enhance the privacy and security of your entire digital ecosystem, including phones, laptops, and more. To ensure this process is not overwhelming or confusing, we have developed a structured approach: Phases 1, 2, 3, and 4. SecWise training will provide you with tools, apps, and settings options to harden your devices and keep them private and secure.

Phase 1

In Phase 1 online training is focused on the mobile device. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of how devices are tracked online and the information collected. You will learn to evaluate major platforms like Facebook, Google and Apple, and adjust privacy, permissions, and network settings accordingly. Our program covers browser security and tracking prevention, secure email and messaging options, and the workings of mobile and cellular networks. You will also learn how and when to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN), the importance of turning off location and other settings and effective password management, among other essential skills.

Phase 2

Phase 2 online training looks at the personal laptop. You will go in depth to enhance the laptop privacy and minimise data collection and tracking. Learn to conduct security checks for cross-cultural travel and install essential security and privacy apps. The program also includes browser hardening, laptop encryption, Phase 2 monitoring and surveillance, and censorship workarounds. Learn operational security (OPSEC) for creating identities and aliases, get tools to stay secure on public hotspots, and gain an introduction to Linux operating system and Linux OS on USB for a highly secure system when needed.

Phase 3

Phase 3 online training includes threat response, risk assessment, and contingency planning. Learn to scan home networks for vulnerabilities, install essential network protection apps, and provide intermediate hardening for mobile and laptop devices. Prepare your devices for international travel and border crossing, learn tactics for customs and police interrogation and download the detailed digital instructions for Phase 3 implementation.

Phase 4+

Implementing skills from Phases 1, 2, and 3 ensures privacy and security in many local and cross-cultural environments. For workers needing robust security and anonymity in closed nations or unique challenges, Phase 4+ offers advanced solutions. Recognising the limitations of traditional operating systems, Phase 4 provides two highly secure devices: Included in Phase 4+ is a highly secured phone with Graphene operating system and a laptop with a Linux operating system, both pre-configured with essential security features including advanced device hardening, comprehensive firewall, VPN, and a suite of secure apps.

"The Social Life" training program

This engaging and relevant presentation is uniquely designed for high school students. The 90 minute seminar encompasses crucial aspects of social media use, including understanding and managing digital footprints, safeguarding privacy and security, developing critical thinking skills to evaluate online information, recognising and preventing cyberbullying, and balancing social media use with time management and mental health strategies.

With practical demonstrations, student engagement and interaction, this seminar will be life-changing and thought-provoking for high school students who aim to harness technology for its benefits while avoiding its negative side effects.

Cyber Security and IT consultation for Your Business

  • Cybersecurity and vulnerability assessments for home offices and small businesses.

  • setting up home office networks and ensuring data security with reliable backups.

  • Upgrade to faster and more secure routers for your home or office, replacing the ones provided by your Internet Service Provider like Telstra, Optus, iiNet and others.

  • Organising your digital life, from managing files, photos and documents and syncing across devices.

  • Computer repairs and upgrades including troubleshooting issues.

Some Free Resources

Graphene OS for mobile device

Learn about Graphene Operating System for mobile devices when high levels of privacy and security are required.

Tails OS - Bootable USB

Lean how a portable operating system on a USB can protect against surveillance and censorship.

Pop OS - Linux operating system

Learn about a laptop alternative to Windows and Mac that offers a better privacy focused experience.

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